Thinking again..always gets me going in "A" direction. Started out as a simple pondering, anyway.

What about a man's lack of it, or a woman's inability to recognize it when it happens?
Men who have it may not recognize it, and women who recognize it may not know it.

So, are we left with none? Should it be given or gotten? Is it just part of our nature, a gift if you will, that we all (women) find attractive? Or do some not?

And do men realize they have it, and can give it freely, as if it were a part of them? A second nature?

My conclusion, even before beginning down the path, is that men who are observant truly have the gift.

They don't look for it, it finds them.
Women seek it... but don't even know it.

It's what happens at the grocery store when least expected.

But I believe it only happens, like when a tree falls in the forest, when" someone" is listening!

Listening is also seeing, seeing is also feeling, and feeling is the happiness we need to feel loved.

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