Day 4 of the Detox

Still hangin' in there...the shakes aren't too bad, I'm getting used to them. Now that I have some raw Organic Cocoa powder, I can add a little of that, some strawberries with a banana. The stevia is an added benefit since it's plant based I can have some from time to time. Best of all was the brown rice crispies with a little powder making my own cocoa crispies. I could get used to this. No more sugar or white flour. I bought some of the things from the Andes Mtns. in Peru, that are raw organics. Will be trying out a few new recipes from the package backs. Dinner does seem to be the easiest meal, lunch the hardest for me. Fruit, snacks, easy too. At least we got try out the romaine from our organic garden we planted last year. Purple potatoes, red onions, avocado, tossed with balsamic Vinegar, and evoo.  Served a rice cake with hummus on the side. Not bad..Oh yeah thats wasabi seaweed sprinkled on top. I would make this again in a heartbeat. Simple, quick recipe. 

Beg. Detox

A little something I cooked up... I'm allowed on this 10 day cleanse....three days down...and counting....
Brown Rice, Sauteed onions, mushrooms and garlic(fresh)..and asparagus. Topped with sesame seeds, ground coriander..oh yes and some olive oil...Awesomely delicious!

Sorry, I shouldn't have posted that recipe for the gluten free carrot cake,without getting the blogger's permission. I just realized that wasn't right, but I can't get her address back. I will keep looking..thanks.

garden harvest

                 Little Miss Anjolie thinks the romaine from mom's organic garden smells nice....

Spring has Sprung

Still trying to figure out what the best settings are to use on my DSL...This was taken in fully automatic setting. Look closely at the edges of the camilla.You can see it is fuzzy. 

This is much better, taken on AV setting with the F Stop set at F-4.
Can you see how much clearer this one is? It makes the whole shot more focused.

Much easier to accomplish with some good lighting outside on a cloudy day.
I am really happy with the outcome ... 

Clara Bow exemplified it...

We have been seeking after the look since the 20's...the 60's were another moment in time when the styles were copying the look...We all wear something that came out of this era. Even the knitted caps my mom makes, and the shoes... many of our shoe styles today are reminiscent of the 1920's. My how times have changed, now it's okay to show our legs. By yesterday's standards all women everywhere could be mis-understood..
GIRL"S JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!!! Thanks Madonna, in the 80's you said it so well...

The slang word "flapper", used to mean a young woman, is commonly supposed to be a reference to a young bird flapping its wings while learning to fly. It may however derive from an earlier use in northern England to mean "teenage girl" (that is, one whose hair is not yet put up and whose plaited pigtail "flapped" on her back);[2] or from an older word meaning "prostitute".[3]The slang word flap was used for a young prostitute as far back as 1631.[4] By the late 19th century the word "flapper" was emerging in England as popular slang both for a very young prostitute[5] and in a more general and less derogatory sense of any lively mid-teenage girl.[6]

Monday blog hopping

The Things We Find Inside>

As a new blogger to blog hops, I think this could really be fun. Monday can be busy with things to do around the house after the busy weekends.
So, try this out, there are so many great blogs out there to see, and learn about.
Fun on a the song...Monday good to me...Mama's and Papa's for those of you too young to remember...
This is simple to do, and you get followed back too.
Go ahead and try it!!

Sushi Party

Make own Sushi party...

Start with very own Sushi Chef..Meet Sushi Chef Jimsun...ahhhhhhhh  He work magic Sushi, you wait see...

Add few choice ingredient....Imitation crab,mayo,seaweed salad,onions,daikon radish,baby greens,smelt eggs, cucumber,soy paper,sushi grade ahi tuna and salmon, white rice, pickled ginger.
If want add sliced avocado, that usually favorite  most, tucked inside.

Get self bamboo roller, it must when making sushi. We making what call," Cut" roll..they cut, shaap knife...Compare to hand roll which just folde...I hope he throw sesame oil on salmon for me.

 First sushi roll evening... precise rolling effect. Pinch and roll!!
Look like have salmon inside.

Ahhhhh very nice Jimsun, good choice..look like Tropical Roll..salmon, spicy tuna, topped some             seared ahi..

Another turned out cut roll!! We have  nice table for two by window... glass of  Chenin Blanc course...I usually go for Honig with Japanese Sushi  but was great too!
Me love you long time..........

Finish with creative carved orange... touch Plum Wine, drizzled over slice.

We have lov-rie evening for two at infamous,
 Good Choice "Biram" Sushi House....
This chef reserve right to refuse service.. I serve him Asahi Beer, you no leave... 

Chicken Soup for the G'ma

Chicken Soup for the soul  My MOM....

When your sick and nothing seems to relive the aches and pains,and stop the sniffles...

I make chicken soup...Cures everything...Warmth, or salt, fat? Who knows???

Off to grandmother's house I go...

My Hubby's Love for his Mom

My hubby is so amazing!!!!

As soon as he heard his mom was heading to the hospital, he started getting concerned about her.

His eldest sister lives near her, and has been looking out for her the past few days...

For him to take off work early, and pack up and get on the road right away tonight speaks of how he feels about her.

I love to see a man who uses his emotions to make something happen.

It's a rare occurrence around here, but today...this was a beautiful sight.

When he told me he might go, I wasn't sure how I felt about that, he has been looking out for me since I have this problem with my foot...I didn't want to be left alone.

But we both knew he needed to be there with her, and sit with his mom, and support her through this.

When he followed through on his feelings, it made me feel so proud of him.

Like you might feel when your son hits the ball for the first time in T- ball... it was an instinctual thing, in the same way that a mother bird would care for her young.

 I remember a book I used to read to my children, called," LOVE YOU FOREVER".

 A generational book about a mom and her love for her son through the ages.

She rocks him as a baby, she smiles and hugs him through his toddler tantrums, is patient with him through his adolescent behavior.

Then one day she sees him off to college, climbs in through his dorm window, and rocks him.

When he has his own children, he then rocks the baby.

And when his mom gets older and is ill, he comes to her and holds her in his lap and rocks her gently.

My hubby has gone to love her now, and show her his gratitude for all of the days she rocked him in that rocking chair, and sat with him when he was ill.

The natural effects of caring for her took over, and he is following his instincts to go to her and love her this way.

I'm so touched by this, I had to blog about it.

It is what I imagine every mother would want from a child...

 To know you are loved and cared for in this way must be so special to her right now.

I hope she gets better soon, and can garden again, and enjoy her kitties, and do all of the things she did before her time in the hospital.

Hub and I sat together last night for several hours, talking about this very thing, and here he is faced with it, and is showing his heart. Wow! Brownie points in my book here.

You can do this more easily when you are empty nesters.

I am the type that might be hard to please, (little perfectionist), and don't always express easily just how much I appreciate something that someone does for me in a verbal way.

 At another time I might show them by bringing them a plate of cookies, or by taking time to listen to them and their concerns.

 I might be a shoulder to lean on, but not always verbal about how I feel when I am treated nicely.

So I do need to see this more and appreciate others more verbally and thank them for being there. That is why I have to blog about this. He will understand he's one of my best followers.

I thank you Jim for letting me see your heart!!

Mom  isn't so sick that we are worried about her not getting better, but she needs medicine and  some monitoring to make sure this won't happen again.

It can be scary when a loved one is hospitalized...with no idea what's wrong, or what to do about it.

So, they are keeping her until they are sure she is going to be okay.

 I love this woman whom he calls mom.

A very giving and caring person. Polite, strong, creative.

Mom thought well enough to teach him how to treat a lady, how to be respectful of one's feelings, especially a ladies feelings.

 He's the type that will open the car door for you, and even wait until you are in the door before he enters. Even after thirty two years.

He always lets me have the last bite, although I rarely want it.

He will stop and help if you're stuck by the side of the road, and wait until help arrives, if he can't help you himself.

 He has assisted elderly neighbors when they have needed it.

Over the years I have watched how he loves his mom, he will send her flowers for her birthday, and thinks to call her often without me mentioning it.

 I'm proud to say I love her, and call her mom...

And I'm proud to be called his wife...I love you honey.


Tonight I learned about a webstore called, "Apothica".

This site carries so many different brands. One of my favorite candles are Archapelago's ...They burn evenly, smell wonderful, and last forever. At least it seems like forever, and are well worth the price. Check them out right away, and enter the contest for a $30.00 gift card to spend anyway
you like.

March-ing along

I found this posting with no title, in my archives, and had to revive it. I'm still learning how to do this blogger design thing and move things around just so. It's a process I am enjoying, and yet it's challenging at the same time. I just want to put this blogpost with the other posts from 2010. I haven't yet figured out how to do that.

My daughter that I write about has been so busy building her blog, and working, and taking care of her health, her dogs, and trying to find time to enjoy married life.

It's been a wonderful, tho' difficult year, (2010).
Beginning in December with the engagement news.
The "Accident", was a total blow to us all. We are so grateful it was not more serious. Regardless of all of the setbacks along the way, it has been heartwarming to see my daughter grow together with her husband, making a new life with each other.

 She is such a wonderful young lady. She will always be my girl.

Love you baby,

One year anniversary!

March is leaving behind a memory of alot of preparing...For a most fantastic event...The wedding of a beautiful young lady! She's entering into new ideas, and fun events for her and the man she is going to spend her life with. Two lovers who are so alike, but yet so different...She's been a busy girl all of her life and this is no time to slow down at this point. Why should she! She has met someone who can keep up with her, and challenge her at the same time. It's fun to watch them grow, and become closer. She works so hard at finding the right ingredients to begin a new chapter in a recipe of L i f e...This girl isn't afraid to put one foot in front of the other to run! She's a real doer! Even I am amazed at how fast she thinks and gets a job done...To be continued..

Recipe for Halibut


I have given up on cleaning my GE profile stove top. The only way for me to cook is with an electric wok, which cleans up faster than I can say, "awesome". Did I say awesome?

It is the best way to eat healthy for my family, not over cooking food, it makes me a short order cook.

If I  had this when the kids were around, I think I would have spent more time at the gym. Ha ha ha...Try asking for one for a gift...Williams Sonoma sells the brand I like, but other companies make them also. I'm sure Target or Bed Bath and Beyond have them as well... Check it out.. I love mine.

Sweet potato fries are so easy to make, cut into strips, saute in a small amt. of canola oil, or rice oil.
Season with salt.

Pink Himalayan salt is less processed than Mortons and better for you. More fun using the tiny grater that comes with the big pink rock.

To make this halibut cover the steak with mayonnaise on both sides.

Heat a tsp or so of olive oil.
sprinkle with a touch of wondra flour or reg. flour.

Top with a sprinkle of garlic powder, and onion powder.

Cook on each side at medium heat, for approx. 3 minutes each side, or until cooked, soft in center. Do not overcook, it will dry it out too much. I test by squeezing with tongs if its not oozing then it's done.

Spinach was set on top, closed the lid, and let steam for a few minutes.

Squeeze lemon on top and serve.

Cougar XR7

Sorry it is so blurry! taken with a 110 instamatic
circa 1975

Cougar or junk on the trunk?? 
Definately not a hood ornament.


Have you ever taken a stay-cation alone? These times when the hubby has gone on an overnight trip, have been a kind of my own therapy. REST and one to tell me when to eat, or what, or how to spend my free time...I have really enjoyed napping,  blogging, and hanging out with my
kitty cat.......
Wow....... whole new meaning to stay-cation camping. I got caught playing again!


The process of learning how to take a shot without a flash on an SLR

TOP>>>>Taking a few pictures with out a flash...this is
inside with backlight from a window.

BOTTOM>>>>Here you can see the shadows from the lights and the natural effect without using 
a flash at night....

The Butler

This is my will be seeing more of him as he helps me do some creating in my kitchen...He might look a little whacky, but he can really dish it up...He's waiting for me to give him a job here.

Polarizing filter

If you want to get sharper images without doing much editing, try buying a good polarizing filter for your camera.
 I headed to my local camera shop...after doing some research on the internet, asking other photographers opinions, and my hubby. 

As you can see, as I rotated the filter, it did change the color of the sky and bring out the greens and blues... 
This is part of my journey to understand photography by teaching myself with practice, gathering a little info at a time. My brain just does not have the retention like it used to have prior to menopause playtime.. Getting to really dislike that word...anyway it's a process...
                                       And I am really liking the results I have been getting.

Real men do dishes

Somehow, long ago in our relationship, we realized that the person doing the cooking , should not have to do the cleanup also.And I am just tickled pink about that!!! Sometimes I feel guilty though, and do it myself, but the best way to make a woman feel loved is to share in the house keeping! Honest!!!

Becca's Perspective: Giveaway:

Becca's Perspective: Giveaway: Die Cut Business Cards: "Share Tweet Business cards come in handy for more than just business professionals. I personally like business cards for entering thos..."


He serves me leftovers...the butler has a way of dishing things up...LOL

Sundays dinner left two bowls of beans...or whatever it's called....

Angelee's friends

Sweet wonderful Kittens...

Adoptions at Petsmart and I had no idea...These two were wrapped up in each others arms, playing and cuddling at the same sweet.

Saturday Brunch

Hubby wants to cook the bacon that has been in the fridge for a bit too long....So I appease him,by letting him go for the wok of course...I just don't like the stove clean-up anymore.
My idea was waffles. So of course if you say it around here, you have to own it. This  is  what I made!!!

You got it right, the bacon is cooked into the waffle...
I used my favorite yogurt, fresh blueberries, and waffle recipe from scratch. There was no shortage of flavor here...Yes, I warmed the syrup up like mom always did.
Hubby ate it!!! Hubby loved it!!! A definate do over sometime.

Creative me

When you have some basic ingredients around, anything is possible...anything in the kitchen that involves food...being creative isn't the goal, it is the by-product of a passion for cooking.

Set out to enjoy doing this when you can relax with it...Not being hurried or interrupted is the only way to go!!! Stay out of the kitchen while I am creating please....I will let you know when we can play together, and create a master piece. 

Name my style??? "Chef interrupted"....Like a short order cook, I can whip up something together quickly...Fresh anything, spices and herbs, and "feeling it" are basic ingredients for me to have and anything can happen in the kitchen.

This just happened one Friday night....
Top Sirloin Grilled on hub's camping stove (bbq is not working)...Baked sweet potato fries tossed with herbed sea salts.
Baby roma's tossed with fresh basil, balsamic, and EVOO...

The dip for the fries was easy with mayo (next time yogurt)and some of that roasted sun dried tomato pesto, I talk about a lot.
Another great unplanned dinner.

Calling all Locavore's- Markets in your Area