March-ing along

I found this posting with no title, in my archives, and had to revive it. I'm still learning how to do this blogger design thing and move things around just so. It's a process I am enjoying, and yet it's challenging at the same time. I just want to put this blogpost with the other posts from 2010. I haven't yet figured out how to do that.

My daughter that I write about has been so busy building her blog, and working, and taking care of her health, her dogs, and trying to find time to enjoy married life.

It's been a wonderful, tho' difficult year, (2010).
Beginning in December with the engagement news.
The "Accident", was a total blow to us all. We are so grateful it was not more serious. Regardless of all of the setbacks along the way, it has been heartwarming to see my daughter grow together with her husband, making a new life with each other.

 She is such a wonderful young lady. She will always be my girl.

Love you baby,


Becca @Becca's Perspective said...

Love you too, Mom. Wishing this pain would go away sooner though. Thanks for being there for me this afternoon. I love you.

Your angel-lee is too funny. You need a ringa to go along with it ... ha ha :)


Aren't you the sweetest! No, thank YOu! I'm always here for you. Hope you had fun with the kitties.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh...Becca is your daughter? I have followed her for awhile. So now I am here to follow you too. :) What a beautiful post. Sounds like you two are very close. My mom died when I was three so I never had that kind of relationship with anyone. I shall with my own kids (when I have them) :)

Lovely to 'meet' you.



Thank You so much Tami, it's nice meeting you too. Sounds like you will be a wonderful mom some day. I read your profile, and I wish you were a daughter of mine. You and Becca would have had a blast growing up together. Also thank you for following me. As you can see I am just getting started. I really like where you are coming from with the post about followers. Well stated! I will be visiting you again soon.

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