Sushi Party

Make own Sushi party...

Start with very own Sushi Chef..Meet Sushi Chef Jimsun...ahhhhhhhh  He work magic Sushi, you wait see...

Add few choice ingredient....Imitation crab,mayo,seaweed salad,onions,daikon radish,baby greens,smelt eggs, cucumber,soy paper,sushi grade ahi tuna and salmon, white rice, pickled ginger.
If want add sliced avocado, that usually favorite  most, tucked inside.

Get self bamboo roller, it must when making sushi. We making what call," Cut" roll..they cut, shaap knife...Compare to hand roll which just folde...I hope he throw sesame oil on salmon for me.

 First sushi roll evening... precise rolling effect. Pinch and roll!!
Look like have salmon inside.

Ahhhhh very nice Jimsun, good choice..look like Tropical Roll..salmon, spicy tuna, topped some             seared ahi..

Another turned out cut roll!! We have  nice table for two by window... glass of  Chenin Blanc course...I usually go for Honig with Japanese Sushi  but was great too!
Me love you long time..........

Finish with creative carved orange... touch Plum Wine, drizzled over slice.

We have lov-rie evening for two at infamous,
 Good Choice "Biram" Sushi House....
This chef reserve right to refuse service.. I serve him Asahi Beer, you no leave... 

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