Okay....who turned down the temperature gauge??? I'm freakin' freeeeeeeezzzzzzzinnnnn in here! Seems like yesterday it was 81! Dag nabbittt!!!


Always love looking at's going...its gone!

Daddies and little girls....

What is it about little girls and their daddies? Get's me every time I see a picture, or hear a song.
This is not going to be so easy is it? Watching her come down that isle, reflecting on memories of her and her daddy... me and mine...wishing I could rewind the hands of time, and watching the future in a few moments time. Twists my tears into something new... dance with Daddy... dancing there, twirling, swingin' on your father's arm.... so sweet!
Never have I felt so special to be called the Mother of the Bride! A dream come true for me to see, a most special little girl and her life to be...
Daddies are special...Mine was too!

Oh would you like to swing on a vine????

They are coming back again!!!!!

Greener and fuller than ever!!

I want to make wine , but they aren't
of that thompson's make good wine??? Oh well, whatever! Next!

That is my attempt to edit a photo of a boysenberry bush with the first bloom! Yeah it's exciting to see in this State of California! And for my next trick I will be showing some raspberry blooms when they arrive! Stay tuned folks!


Sprung is Springing....everywhere!
Blooms, caterpillars, daylight savings, it's happening again in a beautiful way! My latest addition will be a photo of a, bright, something playful! Find something to see in a different light! In a much different direction than the norm perhaps you can find and see what you can do with may be surprise yourself.
My Newest Sunday Best! New to me!

You will want to purchase a bottle of "Bella Sun Luci" Sun dried tomatoes . I get them at Costco. On the lid is a packet with recipes, that are so simple to follow. I pick and choose my ingredients based on the things in my pantry. On Sunday I chose to make the recipe for potato gnocci w/ spinach and sun dried tomatoes. (these are sold in the markets already to cook)
I only had macaroni noodles, and used them only to find they were perfect with this recipe!

Cook them, drain, saute the tomatoes for a minute or two until warm with some of the oil in the bottle, add the spinach and toss with parmesan and feta, topping with pinenuts. The easy part is the spinach isn't cooked.
You can also serve cool, add chicken if you like, and there you have it! Bon Apetite!
Today I will make French Onion Soup, my favorite recipe of Soups, for a friend I made at our local wine store. She wanted something to eat with a White Burgandy...and so it goes...

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My how she's grown into a beautiful young lady! So proud of her and her fiance!
Thirty days to count - exciting and so much work, wow! But fun! Won't be long and that little girl will be marrying the most wonderful boy in the world! Mommy loves you!
this is the Grand Finale- unedited... in it's natural form...adventures in the sky!
This is shot # 2
The beginning #1
Let's try another spectacular moment in the sky picture..the master of the sky does it again.
Becca and I headed to the tailors to have the necessary adjustments made to her wedding dress, not knowing where we would be lead to find another dress...So True!!!
And there you have it, another wonderful display of clouds, right in my own backyard...Amazing! The sun was shining brightly, but as i stepped outside to look for something to photograph the sun was staring at me...I took the shot and noticed how gloomy it apppeared which wasn't anything like what I was seeing. A nice surprise indeed.

Calling all Locavore's- Markets in your Area