Coffee & Cupcakes

                                                      The sweetest looking cup of coffee...
                                                    shared with a cupcake.....yummy good...

                                               I want a cupcake..chocolate one..with swirls,
                                                       and a coffee bean...hmmm dreamin'            


Sunshine on the hill

A little sunshine on a hill...what thrill...
          After a whole lotta rain....
A beautiful sunset to top it off with

Sunday's Best Recipe

When I first began this blogging adventure a year or so ago, I wanted to add a Sunday Recipe spot to share...I will do my best this year...
This Sunday I had some diet restrictions that I have taken on to try to help some of the heel pain I am experiencing. That translated to a crock pot of:

Assorted dried beans,(trader's 17 bean mix),water to cover
Brown rice,
Apple smoked bacon pieces
Spicy Andullie(sp) sausage
A can of chopped tomatoes
Sliced onion
Dumped (in the roughest sense) in the pot with
Soy sauce,
Oregano,bay leaves, tumeric,red pepper,himalayan salt,Lawry's Seasoning Salt,and cumin.
That is what I recall anyway.
It's easy to dump things together and hope for the best when you have good basics at hand.
Think "umame"...The newest of several flavors I have included in this recipe. Oh yes, even a very bit of honey, since I am trying not to use too much processed foods. The sausage to buy is at Traders', with no nitrates or nitrites,preservatives,or additives, so I dont feel so bad adding the bacon and throwing it out after the beans are cooked. Lots of water will definately help to compensate for that. Should you give it a go...enjoy it! And have a great Sunday.
As I served this up,I found it was so very spicy for me, so I made a mix of yogurt,honey,and basil, and some chopped onion, scooped on top, with a pinch of three cheese mix. Wow! My concoction had a great taste, hubby went nuts, eating two bowls. Served with corn tortillas was a real hit.

Pritcher Park, Orange,CA

This is a remake of a firehouse, at the park. Open sundays as a museum.

Happy Birthday Dad

I will always hold the memories we have made as a family close to me, as I think of you everyday. I love you DAd.


Something new to me....learning how to make beautiful things with a camera.

Storm Clouds

This is what my new filter can do to increase some of the contrast in the clouds.


Offering a special menu/buy one get one freeeeeee....Shop at So. Coast Plaza, lunch at maggio's bring home dinner...Such a deal!! May I suggest the lasagna,and spaghetti and meatballs??

Sunset/Full moon

Surprised me to find this view at the top of Aliso Canyon looking at Laguna Beach

The full moon

Pacific Island Drive turned out to be a nice spot for some picture taking after all.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday dear Robert, Happy Birthday to you!
Love to you from Mama B...Twenty four, WOW! are awesome!

January Sunsets-

One of many in my collection of beautiful days...

Camera 101

Merry Christmas to me! What a big surprise to have a new camera that is so much fun. Thank you family! I am loving taking pictures, and learning something new. Finding out that there is so much to photography is giving me an understanding and appreciation for those that actually know what they are doing. I am just starting out and realize i know nothing. There is so much to know, and learn it would take me a lifetime to digest it all. So i am out learning, hoping i can shoot a few good pictures to share on my blog.The sunsets have been nothing short of spectacular. Looking forward to taking some landscapes since there are so many trees and specimans in Orange County. Stay tuned, who knows where this may lead me.

Calling all Locavore's- Markets in your Area