Sunday's Best Recipe

When I first began this blogging adventure a year or so ago, I wanted to add a Sunday Recipe spot to share...I will do my best this year...
This Sunday I had some diet restrictions that I have taken on to try to help some of the heel pain I am experiencing. That translated to a crock pot of:

Assorted dried beans,(trader's 17 bean mix),water to cover
Brown rice,
Apple smoked bacon pieces
Spicy Andullie(sp) sausage
A can of chopped tomatoes
Sliced onion
Dumped (in the roughest sense) in the pot with
Soy sauce,
Oregano,bay leaves, tumeric,red pepper,himalayan salt,Lawry's Seasoning Salt,and cumin.
That is what I recall anyway.
It's easy to dump things together and hope for the best when you have good basics at hand.
Think "umame"...The newest of several flavors I have included in this recipe. Oh yes, even a very bit of honey, since I am trying not to use too much processed foods. The sausage to buy is at Traders', with no nitrates or nitrites,preservatives,or additives, so I dont feel so bad adding the bacon and throwing it out after the beans are cooked. Lots of water will definately help to compensate for that. Should you give it a go...enjoy it! And have a great Sunday.
As I served this up,I found it was so very spicy for me, so I made a mix of yogurt,honey,and basil, and some chopped onion, scooped on top, with a pinch of three cheese mix. Wow! My concoction had a great taste, hubby went nuts, eating two bowls. Served with corn tortillas was a real hit.

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