The past week was filled with patience...lessons in patience that is!

As the days went by, the rain got stronger. I was becoming more impatient, waiting for another photo opportunity.
My goal was to photograph clouds. There weren't many clouds coming my way. Just a more dark and gloomy emptiness that seemed to grow darker as the week progressed. I found myself growing more impatient as the sky got darker and the clouds were fewer.
I considered hunting for rainbows instead. Again no success with chasing rainbows. Nothing... there was nothing... Nothing left for me to do except wait. And wait.
Wait for something to break in the weather...anything...a cloud, a rainbow, a star?
No photos of clouds and no photos of rainbows to fill a scrapbook with.
After a five day wait... I finally received my reward. And a great reward it was!

The most beautiful sunset painted in the sky...Crisp and clean, full of color and vibrance, as well as being filled with patience!
How sweet the reward that I have received. A good lesson in patience for me.

Sunday's Best

B is for Butter.
Always room for butter balls...The ones mom used to and still does make...sourdough roll anyone?

Better later than never....
Costco's Halibut Steaks are right off the boat...Alaska boats that is!
Cover with Sourcream, mixed with a little Mayo,a pinch of garlic salt too, and bake...Voila...Doesn't get any easier than that...I believe it was a teaspoon of SCream, and 1/4 tsp. of Mayo with oil! Non of that FAT-FREE Stuff.
Baked slow at 350, for 20-25 minutes depending on the size and thickness of the piece. Garnish with something green, maybe cilantro leaves, or green scallions, perhaps some salsa, or mango would also work!
A nice side dish to include could be butternut squash, fresh beets with tops steamed, adds rich color...A salad of baby greens, EVOO and Fig Balsamic Vinagrette, from Williams Sonoma sprinkled ever so gently upon the leaves and if you have them, include a few fresh blueberries!
A wine to pair with this might be a Napa... Souvignon Blanc, ... 5Vinter's Admiral's 2007 about 18. to make Sunday dinner complete.


A place that I would like to fly to! My love of sunsets has brought me to another level...Somewhere over the rainbow...way up high, there's a place that I dream of once in a lullaby...I'm wishing! I'll wait! For now, perhaps it is just a dream. I can keep dreaming!!! And dreaming! And Dreaming!

Try a new recipe

Have you ever tried making something out of nothing? When there is very little in the cupboard, or you don't have any clue what to do with whatcha have, try this:
A crock pot
A sweet potato skinned, and chop each 1 inch hunk into four sections....cubed I suppose for those of you who do it blindly.
A leek, washed, and sliced
A box or a can of some type of chicken broth
A chicken breast
A handful of whole baby carrots
Now take those things you have haphazardly thrown in the crock pot, and turn up the heat to high, cooking all day!
And see whatcha get!
And some spices that you like after it's cooked...add whatever you like!
That's what is so much fun!
If you have someone that is willing to open a bag of spinach greens or a ready made salad bag, they go together just fine!
And have fun with it!

A Must see!

Read this not that!

Heres something to try!

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Post here how you did...


What is patience anyway?
While waiting for the sunset to arrive, I found myself becoming so impatient.
Was I getting ready for another day to end, or looking forward to the beginning of another end to something I look forward to?
While there are so many things I want to do during the day to keep busy, I was actually anxious about seeing if it would be anything like the sunset we were so graced with yesterday! What I realize is... it doesn't matter...just enjoy its beauty and color, and all that it is for this moment, for it's gone so quickly.
Tomorrow, if the sun shines there will be another, perhaps more colorful to enjoy!


Sometimes I walk in the front door only to find a most beautiful sky waiting for me at my back door.
It reminds me at the end of the day that some of my dreams have been fulfilled...This colorful memory of a day spent rushing to accomplish all I have to accomplish has satisfied me, as well as left a taste of disappointment for not doing enough with it.
How will I use the memory of a colorful sky to keep me focused on those things that are important and meaningful to make another day of light a fulfilling one?

From Sunrise to....Sunset

Peaceful time of day, though I have noticed not nearly as peaceful as the time of day when the birds start to sing, and the sky opens up to reveal a new day.
Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, the sunsets have become a peaceful and quiet retreat. Much like those quiet mornings had been.

Fresh Food

Brussel Sprouts are cute little things before taken off the stalks!

Giving this year

Take some time this year to give to someone who needs your may be a coworker, or a homeless person...Even a batch of cookies to the neighborhood fire dept. Remember those who serve your city or serve our country! We all need to be thanked. Please feel free to share how you have made a difference in someones life today! I care about what good you may have done, and I would enjoy hearing about it!
I will be playing at the Flu Clinic for the day tomorrow...Wish me luck!

Sunrise- New Year- New Week

The sunrise greeted me this morning with a bright shining face ... all aglow in the winter sky
giving me a spirited reply...
I may have to come back for more tomorrow...

Funny Farms-lol

Controlling, over achiever? Or balanced and thoughtful? Maybe creative, takes risks, adventurer type?
Do we really know our farmville neighbors?

Chocolate Chips

Special surprise treat

And.....lastly the chocolate chip cookie dough husband bought from a little girl at the door when noone was home! He cooks! Delcioso with that's playing!
This is what the little sprouts look like when grilled, because your husband doesn't want to smell up the house! For more info see" blog archives" on the right side of your screen...

Cooking Brussells in a saucepan ....but ....they sat for a while ending up on the grill! What can i say it's California, and 75'.

Cooking Time

Cooking the Brussells

Sunday's Best

Sundays Best

One of my favs' to serve on Sunday's are brussel sprouts fresh off the stalk...
Trader Joe's sells them at a very good price.

Once you have cut them off the stalk, put in a saucepan with a little water, evoo, and kosher salt.

Braising is a very quick way to make a delicious vegie tastier.
They look as if you went to alot of trouble to make.
Enjoy with leftover baked Alaskan Halibut...

A place to find creative things you might like; such as crafts.

New day

New Year New day,
New thoughts new new new....i want something old... i feel the need to take from the last year the good things and reflect. That's where i am, reflecting ...Enjoying some quiet time in the backyard....the view, the specialness I feel with the sun shining on me. My sister in law, knitting and solving the problems of the world...something old something new...
Perfect in its newness!

Climb a tree

I awoke on the last day of 2009, needing to get out and see the sunrise.
As i drove along i found this beautiful sycamore tree longing to be photographed...

Calling all Locavore's- Markets in your Area