The past week was filled with patience...lessons in patience that is!

As the days went by, the rain got stronger. I was becoming more impatient, waiting for another photo opportunity.
My goal was to photograph clouds. There weren't many clouds coming my way. Just a more dark and gloomy emptiness that seemed to grow darker as the week progressed. I found myself growing more impatient as the sky got darker and the clouds were fewer.
I considered hunting for rainbows instead. Again no success with chasing rainbows. Nothing... there was nothing... Nothing left for me to do except wait. And wait.
Wait for something to break in the weather...anything...a cloud, a rainbow, a star?
No photos of clouds and no photos of rainbows to fill a scrapbook with.
After a five day wait... I finally received my reward. And a great reward it was!

The most beautiful sunset painted in the sky...Crisp and clean, full of color and vibrance, as well as being filled with patience!
How sweet the reward that I have received. A good lesson in patience for me.


SurfDog said...

Pictures and thoughts like that remind me of how fortunate we are to live here.

sadgeatplay said...

So true that!
Fortunate to have some sunshine!

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