Sunday's Best

B is for Butter.
Always room for butter balls...The ones mom used to and still does make...sourdough roll anyone?

Better later than never....
Costco's Halibut Steaks are right off the boat...Alaska boats that is!
Cover with Sourcream, mixed with a little Mayo,a pinch of garlic salt too, and bake...Voila...Doesn't get any easier than that...I believe it was a teaspoon of SCream, and 1/4 tsp. of Mayo with oil! Non of that FAT-FREE Stuff.
Baked slow at 350, for 20-25 minutes depending on the size and thickness of the piece. Garnish with something green, maybe cilantro leaves, or green scallions, perhaps some salsa, or mango would also work!
A nice side dish to include could be butternut squash, fresh beets with tops steamed, adds rich color...A salad of baby greens, EVOO and Fig Balsamic Vinagrette, from Williams Sonoma sprinkled ever so gently upon the leaves and if you have them, include a few fresh blueberries!
A wine to pair with this might be a Napa... Souvignon Blanc, ... 5Vinter's Admiral's 2007 about 18. to make Sunday dinner complete.

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