Try a new recipe

Have you ever tried making something out of nothing? When there is very little in the cupboard, or you don't have any clue what to do with whatcha have, try this:
A crock pot
A sweet potato skinned, and chop each 1 inch hunk into four sections....cubed I suppose for those of you who do it blindly.
A leek, washed, and sliced
A box or a can of some type of chicken broth
A chicken breast
A handful of whole baby carrots
Now take those things you have haphazardly thrown in the crock pot, and turn up the heat to high, cooking all day!
And see whatcha get!
And some spices that you like after it's cooked...add whatever you like!
That's what is so much fun!
If you have someone that is willing to open a bag of spinach greens or a ready made salad bag, they go together just fine!
And have fun with it!

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