Another day in Paradise.............
Sitting here on my veranda, sipping away on my Cafe'.....
a bit foggy over the beach, 
the quiet of the morning is rather comforting,
yet stimulating.

Rushing are the cars below,
beginning another day of frenetic movement in the OC...
This was once a quaint little town this Orange County

My ascent to a more gentle place was but a mere dream. 

And so it goes....another day, another dollar to be made, or for me to be spent...
I get to wear my new shoes today!!! Woo-hoo! No they aren't 9 inch heels, comfy ones 
for walking on hard stone floors.

What will your morning bring ???

Pastry Heaven...

Schat's Bakery Mammoth Lakes 

Best of the best of bakery goods anywhere I have found in California

Not to mention the eclairs
 Or red velvet cakes

Or russian tea cakes
Best of show are the buns...
No shortage of cookies

In the Summertime

In the summertime I can sit right down... how to make a delicious, healthy meal for two, in the heat.

This meal consists of micro greens, radish sprouts, add anything you like to your salad. I had some radishes, asparagus,sweet pepper, black berries.
I grilled an ear of white corn, a few asparagus sprigs, squeezed lime on them before serving. A few  raspberries, little olive oil, lavender and fennel, mixed together with balsamic, make a very light dressing.

 Sweet potatoes were sprayed with sunflower oil, added some ground chipotle, and grilled before adding greek yogurt, with a few drops of fresh Orange - juice and pepitas.

 I get these ideas from other blogs, add some of my own ideas, then they become something different. Thats what the fun with food is all about for me..Creatively cooking!

Lunch time for a Vegetarian

Easy to make this dish...A few good leftovers, and an electric wok makes this one ready in  a jiff...

Start with some garlic and onion....
Sprouted mung beans, Sweet potato,
Sweet peppers, fresh white corn on the cob, Hummus, broken pieces of veggie chips...and some cilantro.

I had left over Red Quinoa in the fridge..Yummy!
Saute onion and garlic.
Add SP, pepper, and beans.
The rest is piled up on top at the last minute.

Sprinkle some Tamari Sauce, and you have yourself a great lunch.
All organic of course!

Why I live in California [...]

Some may think it is because the beach is so nice, or the people are fun, or even because of the gorgeous sunsets I enjoy every day.

But the reality is ...I grew up here....this is my town, with all of its changes, and laws, and everything!

I do love the beach, I do love my weather...

Mostly, I love being able to go back to the places I grew up, see the changes, and go home to  the comforts of home with my family.

Thank You God for all I have and for all of the joys life brings to me!

What's Happening with Fresh Farmers Markets this Week...

The Strawberries are Scrum-dilly- umptious..

 Squash Blossoms...sauteed in GHEE with herbs... OH MY!
 Heirloom artichokes so gorgeous...
 Granola makings....
 Globes in herbs and braised with sunflower oil...then BBQ'd...
A few brightly colored red onions to spice things up...

Today's Recipe

I am cooking up some chick peas with onion, garlic, and many indian spices...including fenugreek, coriander, tumeric, cumin, himalayan salt (pink).

So good for digestion and and overall health. Process till smooth, add a little olive oil.

So simple to try at home, use with any veggies as a topping or dip.
A gift for my Ayurveda teacher I took and framed. My puppy loves it. 

Sunday Fair

Whats on the stove today...

Artichokes are on my diet, the rest is a soup for hub while making the chokes...

little bit of everything organic and fresh.


Barley is my new WHEAT...Filled with fiber, nutritious, high in protein, helps speed weight loss, diabetes, heart disease.

Don't see Barley being pushed on ads do we? Try to incorporate into your diet.

AM have some mixed with your oatmeal, after soaking for an hour, add some cinnamon, and some real maple syrup if your diet allows. A little almond milk, and you have yourself a truly healthy meal.

One of my fav's is sauteed onions (sweet), in sunflower oil, garlic, fennel (fresh).
Cook with barley for about 30 minutes.
Quick barley will cook in half the time.
A healthy, inexpensive meal

Ayurveda Works!

Haven't we all had our share of hit or miss diets?

Well, I can clearly say this AYURVEDA way is working for me.

I am down 15 pounds.

Sure I have had a few days where I want to cheat, but is it cheating if I still eat good things? Maybe not the best things for me according to the "A" way, but still keeping with the best vegetarian, vegan way. These labels only set me up for disappointment, IF  I don't stay on the "A" plan.

Being gentle with myself,  it did take my whole life to get here. Can I change everything about my eating habits that quickly?

After all, I am an American girl, with roots in hamburgerville, it's tough saying no to white things, and sugar, especially those sweet baked goods.
If I have a teaspoon of almond butter and feel like I cheated than I can't be all that bad.

Trying, doing my best, getting back on course when I stray is all I can expect from myself.
And I have to live with that.

What works for you? Do share.

April's playlist

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And they call it Puppy Love [...]

Yorkie Terrier/ Baby

       Meet My puppy, "TAGGART". TAG for short...or TAGGY...He is so good, and  soo playful, and of course cuddly ALL the time. He likes to RUN around the yard, and he's eating ORGANICALLY . He uses his puppy pad. House training can be frustrating at times for me. He likes long naps, tight squeezes, and bath time. OH... and my purse too. He's 3.25 pounds, Born  January 1/1/11. He's perfect in every way! I'm sure my visitors will be seeing much more of him. Tune in for specials. Or just stop on by when you need cheering up and he will put a smile on your face... TAGGART  hasn't barked yet, but I am SURE he is building up to it. Pure LOVE here.
    Mommy love him !!!

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