Ayurveda Works!

Haven't we all had our share of hit or miss diets?

Well, I can clearly say this AYURVEDA way is working for me.

I am down 15 pounds.

Sure I have had a few days where I want to cheat, but is it cheating if I still eat good things? Maybe not the best things for me according to the "A" way, but still keeping with the best vegetarian, vegan way. These labels only set me up for disappointment, IF  I don't stay on the "A" plan.

Being gentle with myself,  it did take my whole life to get here. Can I change everything about my eating habits that quickly?

After all, I am an American girl, with roots in hamburgerville, it's tough saying no to white things, and sugar, especially those sweet baked goods.
If I have a teaspoon of almond butter and feel like I cheated than I can't be all that bad.

Trying, doing my best, getting back on course when I stray is all I can expect from myself.
And I have to live with that.

What works for you? Do share.

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