A gift for my Ayurveda teacher ...photos I took and framed. My puppy loves it. 


Krishenka said...

My daughter has been a vegetarian for 18 years now and we have found some fabulous recipes. Me I still like meat but not very much lately. I love mung beans and last week I soaked some fenugreek seeds and they have a slight delicate curry taste, you should try some if you can get them there. Followed your blog:) are you going to dry your lovely white roses? Let me know how you get on.

1atplay said...

Thanks for the ideas, K, I hope to make it to the Tarn one day. My happy place is Provence, but much more to see and do. You have a lovely life there.Thanks for the follow. Will let you know about the whites, of course I must try. Years ago we made candles from the wlidflowers we pressed when living in Montana. I cannot wait to try your system for drying when I find some nice colorful weeds, which mostly we see near me. Weeds are California Poppys, and a few others I dont recognize the names of. Enjoy your day,

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