In the Summertime

In the summertime I can sit right down... how to make a delicious, healthy meal for two, in the heat.

This meal consists of micro greens, radish sprouts, add anything you like to your salad. I had some radishes, asparagus,sweet pepper, black berries.
I grilled an ear of white corn, a few asparagus sprigs, squeezed lime on them before serving. A few  raspberries, little olive oil, lavender and fennel, mixed together with balsamic, make a very light dressing.

 Sweet potatoes were sprayed with sunflower oil, added some ground chipotle, and grilled before adding greek yogurt, with a few drops of fresh Orange - juice and pepitas.

 I get these ideas from other blogs, add some of my own ideas, then they become something different. Thats what the fun with food is all about for me..Creatively cooking!

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