My Newest Sunday Best! New to me!

You will want to purchase a bottle of "Bella Sun Luci" Sun dried tomatoes . I get them at Costco. On the lid is a packet with recipes, that are so simple to follow. I pick and choose my ingredients based on the things in my pantry. On Sunday I chose to make the recipe for potato gnocci w/ spinach and sun dried tomatoes. (these are sold in the markets already to cook)
I only had macaroni noodles, and used them only to find they were perfect with this recipe!

Cook them, drain, saute the tomatoes for a minute or two until warm with some of the oil in the bottle, add the spinach and toss with parmesan and feta, topping with pinenuts. The easy part is the spinach isn't cooked.
You can also serve cool, add chicken if you like, and there you have it! Bon Apetite!

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