Creative me

When you have some basic ingredients around, anything is possible...anything in the kitchen that involves food...being creative isn't the goal, it is the by-product of a passion for cooking.

Set out to enjoy doing this when you can relax with it...Not being hurried or interrupted is the only way to go!!! Stay out of the kitchen while I am creating please....I will let you know when we can play together, and create a master piece. 

Name my style??? "Chef interrupted"....Like a short order cook, I can whip up something together quickly...Fresh anything, spices and herbs, and "feeling it" are basic ingredients for me to have and anything can happen in the kitchen.

This just happened one Friday night....
Top Sirloin Grilled on hub's camping stove (bbq is not working)...Baked sweet potato fries tossed with herbed sea salts.
Baby roma's tossed with fresh basil, balsamic, and EVOO...

The dip for the fries was easy with mayo (next time yogurt)and some of that roasted sun dried tomato pesto, I talk about a lot.
Another great unplanned dinner.

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