My Hubby's Love for his Mom

My hubby is so amazing!!!!

As soon as he heard his mom was heading to the hospital, he started getting concerned about her.

His eldest sister lives near her, and has been looking out for her the past few days...

For him to take off work early, and pack up and get on the road right away tonight speaks of how he feels about her.

I love to see a man who uses his emotions to make something happen.

It's a rare occurrence around here, but today...this was a beautiful sight.

When he told me he might go, I wasn't sure how I felt about that, he has been looking out for me since I have this problem with my foot...I didn't want to be left alone.

But we both knew he needed to be there with her, and sit with his mom, and support her through this.

When he followed through on his feelings, it made me feel so proud of him.

Like you might feel when your son hits the ball for the first time in T- ball... it was an instinctual thing, in the same way that a mother bird would care for her young.

 I remember a book I used to read to my children, called," LOVE YOU FOREVER".

 A generational book about a mom and her love for her son through the ages.

She rocks him as a baby, she smiles and hugs him through his toddler tantrums, is patient with him through his adolescent behavior.

Then one day she sees him off to college, climbs in through his dorm window, and rocks him.

When he has his own children, he then rocks the baby.

And when his mom gets older and is ill, he comes to her and holds her in his lap and rocks her gently.

My hubby has gone to love her now, and show her his gratitude for all of the days she rocked him in that rocking chair, and sat with him when he was ill.

The natural effects of caring for her took over, and he is following his instincts to go to her and love her this way.

I'm so touched by this, I had to blog about it.

It is what I imagine every mother would want from a child...

 To know you are loved and cared for in this way must be so special to her right now.

I hope she gets better soon, and can garden again, and enjoy her kitties, and do all of the things she did before her time in the hospital.

Hub and I sat together last night for several hours, talking about this very thing, and here he is faced with it, and is showing his heart. Wow! Brownie points in my book here.

You can do this more easily when you are empty nesters.

I am the type that might be hard to please, (little perfectionist), and don't always express easily just how much I appreciate something that someone does for me in a verbal way.

 At another time I might show them by bringing them a plate of cookies, or by taking time to listen to them and their concerns.

 I might be a shoulder to lean on, but not always verbal about how I feel when I am treated nicely.

So I do need to see this more and appreciate others more verbally and thank them for being there. That is why I have to blog about this. He will understand he's one of my best followers.

I thank you Jim for letting me see your heart!!

Mom  isn't so sick that we are worried about her not getting better, but she needs medicine and  some monitoring to make sure this won't happen again.

It can be scary when a loved one is hospitalized...with no idea what's wrong, or what to do about it.

So, they are keeping her until they are sure she is going to be okay.

 I love this woman whom he calls mom.

A very giving and caring person. Polite, strong, creative.

Mom thought well enough to teach him how to treat a lady, how to be respectful of one's feelings, especially a ladies feelings.

 He's the type that will open the car door for you, and even wait until you are in the door before he enters. Even after thirty two years.

He always lets me have the last bite, although I rarely want it.

He will stop and help if you're stuck by the side of the road, and wait until help arrives, if he can't help you himself.

 He has assisted elderly neighbors when they have needed it.

Over the years I have watched how he loves his mom, he will send her flowers for her birthday, and thinks to call her often without me mentioning it.

 I'm proud to say I love her, and call her mom...

And I'm proud to be called his wife...I love you honey.

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