There is some of this for us moms who can't help but worry a little about the boys we have watched playing the dirt...riding bikes all summer's day...surfing and swimming and tossing that basketball back and forth for hours at a time. One has to wonder if the playing has ended for a time...the need to skate hasn't...but one mom can only hope he has gotten a little played out and wants to grow up now. The play changes and so it should...as well as the hopes that we mommas have that they will never lose their dreams and sense of wonder in the play they will take on as life brings to them responsibilities woven with playfulness. We have given them all they need to have hope of their own. Take big steps my little man, and find some of your own hopes for your future. It is yours, not mine...dream on my little hockey player, and keep on sweating it out...you always did when you played hard. And breathe...breathe deep while you dream!!! Good luck with all of your new play mates in the big bowl of life...Skate on!!!!

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