I will share this very simple recipe: You only need a few basics from your pantry:

Garlic powder( if desired)
Powdered Ginger
Soy sauce, or Tamari(wheat free soy sauce) preferably reduced sodium,
A bag of mixed (these were .99c) vegetables,
a bag of bean sprouts, found in the produce section, and some
grape seed oil for frying.

Now heat that skillet extra hot, add a small amount of oil, and toss in veggies you have chosen to use, and the sprouts, give it about 2-3 minutes, while moving constantly with the handle in a back and forth motion. Toss in a pinch of garlic, ginger,( to suit your own tastes), and a splash of soy sauce, and voila!
It was just one of those things that I had to do! Sometimes the spirit moves me...Have you ever wished for something and pretended it was so.....set a place for someone who can't be there?
May sound strange, but if you were alone, and thought about someone you missed, you might do it. Let your self play! Let yourself by giving permission to your playful side...Of course we know it's make believe, but isn't that why we go to movies and respect actors who get to play at being another character??? Life's a stage! Play it! Don't forget to make your friend a nice cup of Yerba Mate' Tea ...because it's good for you and tastes good hot or cold!

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