A must have for the

 Vegetarian Kitchen
Combo Blender / Juicer


But.......... the cord was  sooooooooo long, I got a bright idea to make a cord holder for it
     That actually came to me while in the ladies room,  changing the [TP] roll.

    just go with the flow


Assemble these items minus the ribbon {woopsie}
To make one for your kitchen counter:

1. Cut off the flap of a black 5x7 envelope
 [thats all I had guys]

2. Cut around the inside of the enclosure following the edges until all sides are free
[three sides]

3. Lay the roll on top of the paper, evenly placed in the middle. Tape one side to the roll,

seal the ends in the middle of {TP} roll

4.Tuck in the edges

You are halfway there

Grosgrain ribbon was cut to fit, tie a square knot

How simple and cute it is, matching the cord and my counter.

You can use any paper, add lace, burlap on yours, even use up some stickers..or sticky paper

{I just like my things plain and simple}.

And [ VOILA ] the finished product!

Now I have a nice clean looking counter space..I'm happy that everything came out ok..


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