Journey to a Natural Underground Spring

    When I first set out to find a natural spring supply of water, I hadn't expected to come across this place. 
Nestled into a cute little beach village is a beautiful place set back from the street in the town of Carlsbad, CA. Carlsbad Water was on the list of Natural Springs, in California.
    Special thanks go to Christian Bates, creator of a wonderful website with a bunch of natural health information that really inspired me to do some searching around for the most natural pure water, and organic foods. You can visit his website at... "superfood education". 
    I understand that geological surveys have shown this to be from an underground aquifer, some 9500 years old originating at the source of Palomar Mountain. 

 Off we go to Carlsbad....come along and enjoy the ride....

            Here it is...isn't she grand? So stately sitting there on her own...ready to be enjoyed!!!!

What I encountered was an easy to find, charming place, with an extremely friendly owner, and water priced so reasonably no one could resist.

  My hubby was willing to take me on this journey, shlep a heavy 3 gallon glass jug for some water, his willingness made me feel pretty special.

Our trip was followed up by the most unexpected organic food establishment... WOW! I can't put into words just how awesome an experience this was, for I am a newbie to Organic cooking, as well as Vegan and Vegetarian, but now I am totally en-tranced with the idea of becoming a no meat eater...Well... anyhow, back to the Spa....

The owner, Ludvik Gregorius was so welcoming, he came out to greet us as well as accommodate us with water bottles and show us around the place. We were so taken by him, how warm and friendly and charming he was.

 Grigorus came here from the Czech Republic some 50 years ago, while he has been the proprietor of the Carlsbad Mineral Springs and Spa since 1992. At the present he is involved in a major remodel, but you could have fooled even me.
The place was delightfully clean and quiet. Gregorus' wife shares the duties with him, along with the message of good health, as well as making visitors feel welcomed. His passion for good safe, healthy drinking water is contagious to say the least.

You see this huge statue? It is a replica of John Frazier, one of the men who had dug this well on land which was once mostly farmland. Gregorus had it crafted by a friend of his in England, where he labored diligently, and parted with it to grace the grounds of this wonderful little village. It stands proud and tall, welcoming all who come to share in the wealth of the liquid gold that flows so freely underground.

This is the Dispenser where the bottles are filled, coins are deposited and the water flows. 
There is also a rinse for the bottle if you so chose. See those huge gates over there next to the building?  A little mouse told me they were actually from the famous Hearst Castle, redesigned before being placed at the entrance to the spa. Nothing has been left out to create a beautiful destination including a touch of local history.
The interesting story regarding the springs is available on  the website,
      The spa features many nice services including but definitely not limited to relaxing massages, body wraps, and smoothing scrubs.
Have a bath in the healing natural mineral springs, after a relaxing treatment, and  you will be sure to find nervana .....a promise of all who enter.
The water at the springs was much like the water in Karlsbad, Bohemia. So clean and pure, with no after taste. Just pure natural beautiful spring water.

Oh how I would love to go back and stay for the day, be pampered...Okay maybe next time...
                  There will be a next time!! Thank You, Ludvik, the pleasure was all ours!
    Sooooo....After writing this a few days ago, I had to add something funny to it....The water is gone after two days. I have used it to cook with, make coffee, and drink like its the last glass of water on earth.
So, now I have to head back to that land of paradise....and visit the friendliest Ludvik, for more. I called there last night to be sure he would be in, telling him my story about how I woke up in the middle of the night just to have a glass of water. He really liked that, and laughed in that contagious laugh of his,  making me laugh. 
Like why would I get up just for water? I might get up for some chocolate, but never water... Guess I'm hooked....what could be worse, hooked on water? Off I go today for more water....


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This is SUCH a good post! I am so glad I got to find you and your blog! I want to thank you so much for coming by The Organic Blonde and leaving such a comment about buying organic (and what not to) which is something I am SO passionate about! You are absolutely right that what we are not spending in good and healthy food we will make up for it in medicines and health care (or shall I say, SICK care)! I want to thank you for being as passionate as I am!!!

Sadgeatplay said...

Well thanks Jacqueline...I will keep looking to you for advice and recipes please..i need some help with my desire for bread.I have ordered a juicer should be here nay second. We all work together don't we? Im so passionate right now, i want to sell things that are healthy in the lemonade stand my kids used to use. LOL

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So glad you commented on my blog because now I've found your blogs--both of them! What lovely photos!! I look forward to keeping up with your posts.

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