Organic Farm/So. Coast Farms




And this is whatcha get...of course the veggies went on top of the beans I made the night before, and

there was some salsa on top of the beans too [ I left that out ]


   sauteed in Raw organic cocoanut oil { centrifuge Extracted } topped with
Adzuki Chip Crumbs


Katerina said...

Beautiful vegetables, a healthy and natural choice for everybody!

Jacqueline said...

I am so happy you are learning to eat organically. You will learn to love Kitcharee (which is basically what she has you on) at the start of every season as I do. I am not doing the vegetarian thing and certainly not while I am among all this grass fed natural meat in Georgia! But I still try to adhere to ayurvedic principles and I feel better for it. Keep it up!

1atplay said...

So true Katerina, I hope you have access to a local farm in your area, or at least some planter boxes to grow a few special herbs in. Looking forward to more freshly grown veggies this summer! Keep watching for a few new recipes!
Thanks for stopping by!

1atplay said...

Thank you, Jacqueline, for telling me that! I had not heard it called that before. I feel so great after two days of having it.Rejoicing after 30 days w/o meat, dairy, flour. Thanks for stopping by, and the nice words of encouragement!

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